How We Do It

Here's How We Do It

We'll train your kids to learn from an early age to follow these steps as well to financial freedom.

You’d love to stop working, but you need to know you’ll still have the lifestyle you want post retirement.
The choice of retirement options seems bewildering, and you want to know that you are making the best decisions for the future. We will work with you to understand your ideal lifestyle looks like, how much it’s going to cost and what’s really important to you. Our Oxford RISK Questionnaire will help us to determine what type of investor you are as well as your risk profile. We have to ensure that you never run out of money in your retirement years and guide you to save as early as possible. Our annual review meetings give you the reassurance that everything is on track and you’re plan is working… so you are free to enjoy your retirement.
You’ve just inherited money, you feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the capital.
We’ll use cash flow modelling to give you the confidence that you have sufficient capital to provide for your family for the rest of your life. Our lifestyle planning process will help you assess your different options, and the impact of any decisions you make, both now and in the future. We’ll help you balance work demands, future financial security, and time with your family. We’ll manage your financial plan on your behalf, giving you the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle that is now possible.